Pediatric Therapy Services

The Pediatric therapy staff facilitates a child's ability to play, learn and interact in his/her environment. A program is designed to meet the specific therapy needs of each individual patient. Pediatric physical and occupational therapists have the skills to evaluate children with cognitive, speech or physical disabilities, sensory and motor delays, and specific learning disabilities. The pediatric staff can see children in the Celina office on an outpatient basis, in schools or in the child's home.

After an evaluation, the therapist organizes and implements programs that will help the child attain their optimal educational and functional potential based on the individual child's abilities. Therapists emphasize all areas of normal development, such as communication/language, social/emotional perceptual; fine motor skills, cognition, self-care, and gross motor skills. Services can also include therapeutic exercise, range of motion exercise, functional motor and mobility skills, self-management, disability awareness training, and neurodevelopmental treatment.

Home Health Services
Our staff of licensed professionals are available to provide services in your home to allow for greater privacy and conveniece, and a chance to be near family and friends while you recover from illness or surgical procedures. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, and Pediatric Physical Therapy services are available by our staff through Mercer Health Home Care.

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