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Ein Investment in Bitcoin ist daher grundsätzlich mit einem Risiko, aufgrund der Kursentwicklung, verbunden. Ja. Ein Investment in Polkadot DOTs kann sich lohnen in diesem Jahr. Schon im nächsten Jahr soll der Anteil der regenerativen Energiequellen auf 22 Prozent steigen. Grüner Strom aus Wind und Sonne müsste wesentlich billiger werden. Denn Tschernobyl sei ein schrecklicher Unfall gewesen. We are dispersed throughout the Net, our identities in flux, defined only by our connectivity, measurable more in time than space. Paradoxically, at the very time when art is embracing high technology, the shamanic way is the only way forward for the artist. Furthermore, it was the only important business center in Hungary in addition to being the most important factory town. The present administration is only now beginning to realize the immensity of such a task as they pursue similar objectives. Everywhere the exodus of the richer people is beginning and urban life will change in future to the cyberspace. Meanwhile, many life long residents evince a social neurosis brought on, in part, by the rapid transition from austere communism to consumerist democracy. You will understand that the perceptions of Europe that I am offering here are as an artist not a social commentator.

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This is due, somewhat, to Hungary's failure at reconciling a cosmopolitan, intellectual, urbane entity with a surrounding countryside that is traditional, conservative, and rural. It must be kept in mind, however, that the Second World War exacted a heavy toll on the city. Never mind that it's moment as an artistic genre is now passed and is relegated to history, cynical despair remains the leitmotif of all those artists bereft of imagination, creative energy or vision. Pest is now the economic heart of the city, filled with banking, insurance and foreign-trade companies. A lot of this was demolished at the turn of the century, with the exception of the Cathedral; the new Palace (which now overlooks the city) along with most of the new government buildings and ministries were subsequently built there. At war's end, Budapest was the second most devastated city Europe, so the task of rebuilding what was left was enormous. The fate of Budapest after the fall of the communist regime and the invading of capitalism is an good example of the future of all cities. Due to its status within the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Budapest inevitably took on many of the attributes of its sister-city, Vienna. Connectivity is often its own reward: it enlarges the spirit, promotes generosity, empathy, conviviality.

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Think of its opposite: paranoia, the anxiety-inducing, lonely, alienated paranoia of the old industrial Europe. Europe - a Museum? But first, Europe. Europe is trying to become unified just at the moment when the connectivity of cyberspace is enabling us to lose the sense of the unified individual. At the same time, turn-of-the-century buildings were neglected and often allowed to become badly dilapidated. At the same time, the bulldozing of sections of the city to make way for modernity is not something exclusive to the communist period. An old-fashioned town, it served as an administrative center, not as a commercial or industrial hub. Today, the old part of Buda, atop Castle Hill, is mostly commercial and attracts plenty of tourists, while the rest of the western bank is home to both the "old" and "new" rich. Pest, by contrast, has long sprawled eastward from the Danube in a layered fashion: fashionable hotels and cafes near the river, a dense commercial quarter behind them, and a dreary working class section toward the outskirts. It also contained a quarter which was the home of Serbian merchants. Paranoia was the defining condition of a culture of compartmentalisation., categorisation, top down institutionalisation.

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Between the two world wars it was the seat of government and of the entire central administration. In the European art academies, still struggling to preserve the artistic scenario of half a century ago, the constructive vision is despised, and collaborative creativity is totally discouraged. This is what artists do, this is what they could be doing at the European level. There could be much to celebrate. Connectivity, properly understood, could provide a completely new prospective for political activity and, indeed, political restructuring. It is easy to attach blame to the communists for the run-down state of many of the old buildings around the city, especially if one adopts a "before" and "after" approach akin to those used by weight loss and hair tonic commercials. On the art front, with notable exceptions, a renewal of the arts and crafts movement is evident in digital art. See how much money is funneled into Opera, which nobody writes anymore, and few attend, and how little goes to the plastic arts, and especially the emergent investieren als student arts based in new technologies, communications, digital systems and artificial life. Sultan bin Sulayim, der Vorsitzende der Firma, "ist wie eine Wüste, flach und sandig. Ohne Leben und keine Umgebung für Fische." Vertreter von "Wild Life Fund" in Dubai hielten dagegen, dass das einzig verblieben Korallenriff jetzt nicht mehr vorhanden ist.

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