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Vermögen generieren (Börse & Finanzen 4) von Investment Academy Voll unterstützt alle Versionen Ihres Geräts, einschließlich PDF-, ePub- und Kindle-Version. Eine Aktie bewegt sich in Richtung ihres Allzeithochs bzw. darüber. Im vergangenen Jahr habe ich mit meinen engen Mitarbeitern oft die Strukturen, die durch den COT offengelegt wurden, mit Jurassic Park, dem Buch von Michael Crichton bzw. der Verfilmung von Steven Spielberg über die Dinosaurier, verglichen. The first place where silver stands head and shoulders above any other metal or industrial metal is in its internal structure, as defined by the Commitment of Traders Report (COT). For long term investors of all types, retail and institutional alike, I would like to reaffirm my suggestion that gold only investors take advantage of the dealers’ actions and the aberration in the silver/gold spread to establish long term silver positions, using gold as a source of funds. Even though I expect this to continue, at the very least, it is always better to have the ability to choose for oneself. In addition, institutional investors are being given, for the very first time in history, the ability to invest in the real deal, the actual metal, at precisely what may also turn out to be the best time possible. Separately, institutional investors have been given a gift in this ETF, with their newfound ability to invest in real silver.

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More importantly, as Loeb has pointed out to me, the very act of an institutional investor buying shares of SLV (because it causes the automatic purchase and removal of real silver from the market) has the singular and unique impact of making the fundamentals of the real silver market better. In the event of a sell-out, there can be no assurance of future additional aktien oder fonds investieren silver ETFs, creating the likelihood of a large premium developing on the existing shares of SLV. The most recent COT indicates that the tech funds and the small speculators have been largely flushed out of long positions and the dealers (especially the very biggest) have covered a large portion of their short positions. This is ironic as silver has the most powerfully bullish characteristics currently than any other metal or industrial commodity, including crude oil. Crude oil is extremely bearish. But I hope they appreciate that there may be a very narrow window of time to avail themselves of this opportunity. Aside from the fact that the very largest producers of silver are generally large diversified metal miners where silver makes up a small portion of total revenues, making it hard to invest in a pure silver play, there seems to be a rash of new developments that threaten the future profits of silver miners, even if the price of silver explodes.

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But it is unusual for silver to have such an extreme opposite COT configuration from gold, and I only remember it occurring once before. A friend of mine, Carl Loeb, came up with the most appropriate analogy, in my opinion, when he dubbed the ETF as the Death Star of the silver market, likening it to the powerful weapon from the movie Star Wars. What promises to turn this ETF into the Death Star is the multi-dimensional havoc it can unleash, setting off a number of chain reactions. That’s what makes the silver ETF the Death Star. in palladium investieren I have a high confidence that institutional investors will come to appreciate the great opportunity being presented to them with the introduction of the silver ETF. Remarkably, most of these risks and fears are limited to the mining shares and actually enhance the prospects for the metal itself, as any impediment to future production only increases the value of the finished product.

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This has been the reason why silver has sold off. And don’t think this isn’t the same as industrial consumption, as the net effect is the same, namely, silver is taken off the market. And while it is no secret that silver mining equities greatly outperformed the metal itself in the early days of the silver bull market, which commenced several years ago, more recently the actual metal has begun to outperform the equities. I still feel that way, as that liquidation process has continued. I believe that does not overstate the impact this silver ETF will come geld investieren mit gewinn to have on the silver market. Let’s see if I can back that statement up. You don’t have to be Albert Einstein to see what the dealers are doing, or know their real motive. As I was submitting this article, on Wednesday morning, May 17, I noticed an extreme deterioration in the gold/silver ratio, with silver under performing not only gold, but also virtually every other metal.


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