Brenda P.

The staff of Community Sports and Therapy was such a great help, with the 2 different back surgeries I have had in 2 years time. Everyone there from the receptionist, to assistants, to the physical therapists always made me feel good when I came in and was in pain and frustrated. Heidi, my physical therapist, was right there helping and encouraging me on. Everyone there was so friendly and professional. It never seemed like a chore to go in. I looked forward to getting my life style back on track, the way it had been several years ago. I would recommend Community Sports and Therapy to everyone and am so happy to feel almost pain free and getting my life back.

Wednesday evening, 3 days before the marathon, I injured my calf muscle. I talked with Bob Hibner that evening about it and he gave me some suggestions as to what to do. Thursday morning I could hardly walk. I went to the Community Sports & Therapy and they diagnosed the injury and did the steps necessary to help it heal by massaging it and taped it. I was told to stretch it the next two days as much as possible. I was to go to Community Sports & Therapy tent before the marathon and have it taped. I ran the marathon in completion with very little pain. During the couple of days before the marathon it did improve over time. I was skeptical of the tape but was very much surprised at how well it worked. I was very impressed with the treatment of the staff of Community sports & Therapy. I would like to thank Bob for how he helped me and the girls that helped me through the therapy. Without them It would not have been possible to run the marathon and qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Nick K.

Boston Marathon Runner


Linda P.

I can’t find enough words to express my gratitude for the kindness, encouragement, positive inspirations you gave me during my therapy. There were days I felt I was taking a step backwards but with the reassurance your team gave me they were able to put me back on track, mentally and physically, and I always felt good about my progress when I left after each session. My knee feels wonderful…thanks to everyone.

Without therapy my arm would not be the same. Tommy John Surgery is a very strenuous surgery and recovery. With the help of Community Sports and Therapy I was able to return my senior year and help my team win a state championship. I am very grateful for all of the time and effort that their staff put in to return my arm to being healthy. Thank you for everything!

Brandon W.

High School Athlete


Tom L.

The staff at CST has always been helpful, understanding and courteous. This time they exceeded the epitome of expectations. Approximately 13 months ago I hurt my side while riding a ride at a county fair with my wife and grandson. Over a 13 month period I tried various forms of treatment. I finally was referred to Christy and Jen at CST in Coldwater. At the very first treatment they spotted the problem – I had moved two ribs out of their normal position. Within 3 treatments, my pain (other than intercostal pain) was gone. I visited my doctor in Columbus who has an excellent reputation. He reviewed the MRI that had been done. When entering the patient room I advised him what CST had found and he said that was the exact problem. His only question was, “where are these 2 people at and can I refer my patients to them because only few people study and understand the ribs?” He also did not charge for the office call because he did not have to do anything! Thank you Christy and Jen at CST!

I had my Total Knee Replacement done the end of June 2014. I went to have physical therapy on my knee so I would be able to walk again. The first week when I started to exercise the right knee hurt so bad, but my knee was getting better each week with what I was doing with my therapist. My knee is getting stronger and able to do things again back to normal. I recommend people go to Mercer Health for Physical Therapy by Community Sports & Therapy because the therapists are super and they get you on your feet again. I have no complaints, they were great to me.

Brenda H.

Knee Replacement Patient

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