Restore. Revitalize. Recover.

Astym® (A-stim) treatment sets the standard for soft tissue therapy. It promotes regeneration of healthy soft tissues (muscles, tendons, etc.), and remodels unwanted scar tissue that may be causing pain or movement restrictions. Astym has helped countless patients by restoring their movement, getting rid of their pain, and giving them back their lives. This specialized treatment technique targets tissue degeneration and/or excessive fibrosis. It can benefit patients who are suffering from tendonopathy, post-op/post-injury scarring, recurrent sprains/strains and tendonitis. With conditions such as lateral epicondylitis and plantar fasciitis, it stimulates the involved tissue to regenerate and heal properly. It can also target scar tissue which can interfere with complete recovery following joint replacement, surgical procedures, casting, and prolonged splinting.


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Diagnoses that respond well to
the Astym treatment include:

  • Post-Surgical Scarring
  • Post-Traumatic Scarring
  • Lateral/Medial Epicondylitis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis
  • Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Chronic Ankle Sprains
  • Achilles Tendinitis
  • Shin Splints
  • Anterior Knee Pain
  • Patellar Tendonitis
  • Hamstring Strains
  • IT Band Syndrome
  • Hip Pain/Trochanteric Bursitis
  • SI/Low Back Pain
  • Most Chronic Tendinopathies

To supplement this specialized technique, our Astym certified therapists design customized stretching and strengthening programs to encourage their clients’ bodies to heal properly.