The key to the cost-effective management of musculoskeletal injuries is early symptom evaluation and proactive treatment.
Community Sports & Therapy Center has joined the Occupational Accountable Care, LLC  (OAC) network to improve the health and productivity of employed populations.
The Musculoskeletal Health & Safety Services program offers employees alternatives that can reduce unnecessary doctor visits, diagnostic imaging and delayed rehab to resolve musculoskeletal injuries.
This program has proven to significantly reduce reportable injuries and improve productivity for employers.

Medical + Disability Costs:

Musculoskeletal conditions are the costliest and most rapidly growing group of diseases

Aging Workforce:

Older employees have increased frequency of MSD injuries and duration of disability

Musculoskeletal Injuries:

Had a 97% increase in medical cost and prescriptions and accounted for 74% of lost workdays

Opiod Abuse:

Opioid prescription treatment has increased by 45% while Physical Therapy treatment has remained stagnant at 10%


Physical Demands Job Analysis
Preventative Exercise Program
Ergonomic Job Coaching
New Hire Physical Ability Evaluations
MSD Wellness Consultaitons

Pro-Active Care Coordination:

MSD Symptom Evaluations + Triage
MSD OSHA First Aid Treatment
Immediate Orthopedic Referral for Significant Injuries
On-Site Transition Work Rehabilitation

Treat Symtoms BEFORE they become Injuries:

  • Provide OSHA first aid before it becomes a worker’s Compensation claim (saving $$)
  • Reduce OSHA recordables & reduce onsite injuries
  • Adaptive equipment recommendations and usage training
  • Comprehensive job site evaluations with modifications/adaptation recommendations
  • Guidance to employees to maximize functional performance and safety

Utilizing the PureOHS Software System:

  • Fully Integrated Clinical Suite: track encounters and easily distribute information to appropriate people and programs. Track cases including diagnosis, cause of injury, appointment scheduling, treatment plans, and medical notes.
  • Integrated Communication Process: Automate the manual communication processes between employer and clinic systems while providing the tools of an enterprise employee health system to employers of all sizes.

Direct Benefits:

68% reduction in Total WC Paid for MSD claims
43% reduction in number of MSD claims
48% less MSD claims in first year of employment
47% less Paid per MSD claim with early intervention
64% reduction of Total Paid on sprains/strains
54% reduction of Total Paid on fractures

In-Direct Benefits:

Employee Morale
Wellness Incentives
Non-Work-Related MSD Spend


Reduction in Total WC Paid for MSD Claims


Reduction in Number of MSD Claims


Decrease in MSD claims in first year of employment

“I am grateful for the early intervention program at Reynolds and Reynolds. The therapists from Community Sports and Therapy Center were able to get me back to pain free work quickly, with a few simple exercises that I could do quickly throughout my day. Thank you for your help.”

~ Becky Fetters

I find it very helpful not only at work, but in my daily life.

These guys are great. Never have I felt like I could not ask them a question.

The staff is very approachable and helpful.

Awesome job, keep up the great work!

So awesome. Exercises seriously have helped with my back pain. Awesome program!

Excellent program. Thanks for the service.

Independent Case Study

An independent case study published by MedBridge regarding how our partnership with Occupational Accountable Care utilized Medbridge to develop customized exercises and reduce total musculoskeletal costs by 77 percent!