Women have unique body types and go through many changes throughout their lifespan including puberty, pregnancy, postnatal, and beyond. As women grow older their health needs continue to change. The physical therapy staff at the Community Sports and Therapy Center is specially trained to address the specific needs associated with these areas:

Urinary Incontinence

Physical therapy can be helpful in designing a program of specific exercises which have been proven effective in strengthening the muscles that support the pelvic organs. Treatment possibilities include management techniques, pelvic floor and core strengthening exercises, and biofeedback.

Osteoporosis Management

Our trained therapists can design individualized exercise programs to improve core strength and promote weight bearing activities to provide more stability to the spine, to improve balance, and to assist with fall prevention. See our Osteoporosis Management page for more details.


Our staff is specially trained to treat musculoskeletal problems that may arise during and following pregnancy, as well as: providing education regarding flexibility, postural awareness, and pain relief techniques; recognition and engagement of the core muscles to assist with facilitation of delivery; and safe and effective exercise prescription for pre and post-partum patients.

Sacroiliac Pain & Dysfunction

Our physical therapists can address SI pain and dysfunction by providing manual therapy techniques, postural re-education, therapeutic exercises for flexibility and strengthening, as well as techniques for independent management of symptoms.

Post Breast Cancer Treatment

While being mindful of the emotional recovery of this patient population, our therapists can design safe, effective exercise programs to counter the complications brought on by different breast cancer treatments.

Lymphedema Management 

is also available. See our Lymphedema Management page for more details.

All treatments are performed in a private, one-on-one environment.