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Our athletic trainers specialize in the prevention and management of acute athletic injuries. They provide service for multiple high school athletic programs in our area. Athletic trainers perform multiple activities including on-site evaluation and medical care of acute injuries, establishment of effective stretching and strengthening exercise programs, implementation of taping and the use of other equipment to meet the needs of the athlete, and the coordination of athletic training student programs. Athletic trainers evaluate and monitor athletes to ensure that they return to play safety after an injury.

Our entire staff will work closely with coaches and players to ensure individual player and team success. Specialized sports enhancement programs including our Sports MAX and Must Run programs provide specialized training routines that promote the development of strength, speed and agility that will ensure optimal sports performance and often prevent athletic injuries!

Our athletic trainers work closely with the staff of Mercer Health and Community Sports and Therapy Center including physicians, nurse practitioners, therapists and other health care professionals to provide complete medical coverage for our area’s athletes. Our ultimate goal is to ensure athletes’ safety and to help them reach their peak level of sports performance!