Sports MAX

Maximizing Athletic eXcellence!

Increase your speed, power, explosiveness and flexibility!

Our certified training staff will develop an individualized program based on your sport of choice and performance goals. Through Sports MAX, each athlete will gain the competitive advantage they desire in order to dominate their opponent!

Sports MAX provides an experienced and knowledgeable training staff prepared to cater to all of your athletic needs. Our staff of professionals will aid you in preparing to take that next step in your athletic career, whether it be at the collegiate, high school, or junior high school level. The program focuses on correcting muscle imbalances, plyometrics or “jump training”, linear and multi directional agility, explosive power, and overall strength and performance. The athlete will be instructed with good technique skills to avoid at risk injuries.

Sports MAX can help improve your:


 • Vertical Jump Height

 • Lateral/Linear Quickness

 • Sports/Position-Specific Skills

 • Knowledge of Proper Body Mechanics

 • Injury prevention, including ACL injuries

• Explosiveness/Speed

• Agility

• Flexibility

• Strength/Power

• Endurance



performance plus box jump cstc

Sports MAX requires a high level of commitment and dedication from the athlete.
Intensity and motivation are expected for maximum results. The program is 3 days a week
for 8 weeks, and would benefit any athlete, male or female, no matter their skill level. 

If you aspire to be the best, then sign up today!

Sports included, but not limited to:

• Basketball

• Baseball

• Wrestling

• Swimming

• Volleyball

• Softball

• Track and Field

• Cross Country

• Football

• Soccer

• Cheerleading/Dance

Any questions, please call our qualified therapists and find out how we can help you improve your athletic performance.
Contact Jessica Woeste at 419-678-5125 or for more information and to sign up today.