Dear Therapist, 

I have been having so much knee pain when I work out lately. Is there something that I can do to help this pain go away?

John W  |  Coldwater, OH

Yes! Knee pain can be coming from your back, it can come from the knee itself, it can also come up from a problem in the hip. What we offer here at Community Sports and Therapy Center are 15 minute screens and they are free to you. You come in we do a quick screen to see where we feel the problem is coming from and to see if there is further physical therapy warranted.


Amy Bruggeman, PT, MPT
Community Sports & Therapy Center

Having knee pain when you work out can be very frustrating.

Not only can it limit you from hitting your fitness goals, it can also discourage you from even wanting to work out due to the pain.

Knee pain is not an uncommon issue.

However, what many people do not realize is that knee pain often times may not be coming from an issue with the knee itself. Sometimes it can be referred pain due to a mal-alignment in the back or weakness in your hip. Your gait pattern could be altered, which is the reason for the knee pain. There are many different possibilities.

The good news is at Community Sports and Therapy Center we offer free 15 minute screens to see where we feel the issue is coming from. This short assessment will allow us to determine if a simple mal-alignment is causing your pain or if further therapy and a full assessment is warranted. Sometimes we may find there may be a more severe injury and recommend you have further testing, such as an X-Ray or MRI.

Our therapists will address YOUR specific impairments.

Too often, people compare their pain to someone else’s. We are all different and that requires individual and patient specific interventions.

Further therapy may include helping you with a strengthening program to target specific muscle weakness or imbalances that are causing the issue. It may also include some of our specialty services to give you long term relief such as Astym, dry needling or cupping therapy.

If you would like to schedule a therapy evaluation or a free 15 minutes screen call us today at 419-678-OHIO.

We offer screens in both our Coldwater and Celina locations by appointment. You can request an evaluation directly here or visit our website for more information.

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