RED, WHITE, and BLUE Celebration Fund to Provide Shelter at Training Range

Save the Dates for the 2023 RED, WHITE AND BLUE EVENT!!

Pictured: CEO/ Founder of Community Sports & Therapy Center Bob Hibner, Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey, and City of Celina Police Chief Thomas Wale


Community Sports and Therapy Center is pleased to announce that $21,000 has been donated to Mercer County Law Enforcement from the sponsored Annual RED, WHITE, AND BLUE Celebration. This donation will be used to construct a shelter building in the Spring of 2023 which will be used for training at the Mercer County gun range.  All law enforcement agencies in Mercer County use the gun range for their year-round, all- weather training.


The annual FREE event open to the public honors members of the local FIRE, EMS, and LAW departments who serve us so selflessly every day. One hundred percent of donated funds from attendees go directly to these departments throughout Mercer County.


SAVE THE DATES: This upcoming year’s 3rd  Annual Event will take place on the evenings of July 3rd  and 4th, 2023 at Coldwater Memorial Park. The previous RW and B events were one-night events but in 2023 it will be a two-night celebration. July 3rd will feature live performances by Abbamania, the world’s number one production of Abba and Night Fever, who will bring the stage presence and harmonies of the Bee Gees. On the evening of July 4th, the Material Girls, featuring tributes to Shania, Annie Lennox, Lady Gaga, Adele, Madonna, Blondie & Cher will be performing. In addition to the live music, there will be food stands, kid activities, a beer tent, and more.  Additional details will be announced.