We often forget that play IS the work of children.

At Community Sports & Therapy Center we are firm believers in play-based therapy. Our speech therapists do not “just play” for a living; they PLAY WITH A PURPOSE.


What is play-based speech therapy?

Play-based speech therapy is when a speech pathologist (SLP) plans speech and/or language activities around a play toy or activity. The SLP will create opportunities for your child to practice the target skill while enjoying motivating toys and activities that are relevant to your child’s interests.


Why play-based speech therapy?

Play-based therapy is designed to make learning relevant, meaningful, and fun for your child. Learning to communicate should be a positive experience for them. It is important to remember play is not the opposite of learning—play IS learning.

“Our therapists spend thoughtful planning time designing appropriate speech therapy activities based on your child’s special interests and sensory preferences,” said Andrea McGee, MA, CCC-SLP, ST Director. “Each session is tailored to your child’s specific needs and no two sessions are the same from child to child.”

During these play-based learning activities the SLP is using skilled strategies and feedback to enhance your child’s learning and development. Play is a powerful, engaging and effective way for young children to learn.

According to Speech Therapy Works, play-based therapy increases the child’s motivation to participate in the session, and significantly increases the amount of opportunities to learn. The increased participation and interest in the session help facilitate an overall positive therapeutic environment and relationship between the speech therapist and the child, which is essential to any intervention method.


Other benefits of play-based speech therapy include:

  • Increased attention span and the chance to build positive interactions.
  • Learning social skills needed for playing with toys, while making progress on speech and/or language goals in a natural setting.
  • Making better connections with real-life events, which will improve memory.

If you have questions for our Pediatric Speech Therapists or to schedule an evaluation for your child, contact our staff at 419-586-2077 or by submitting your
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Play Therapy


“Our goal is to improve your child’s speech and language skills, but to do so in a way to encourage a lifelong love of learning,” stated McGee.

“The best advice I can give parents to help develop their child’s language and speech, is turn off the electronics and get down on the floor and just play with their child.”